Mrs Asia Worldwide

Pageant a lifelong dream for Shyleena

WHEN Shyleena Farida Hope was crowned Mrs Asia Worldwide 2018 last April, it was a lifelong dream fulfilled.

The 48-year-old business executive director had been modelling since she was 24, but had always wanted to prove to herself that she could do well in a beauty pageant too.

“It was my best friend who encouraged me to join the contest, knowing that I have always wanted to be a beauty queen. The rest is history,” said the mother of four.

Shyleena will represent Malaysia at the Mrs Worldwide pageant in Singapore on June 24.

“There will be 35 contestants from all over the world at the Mrs Worldwide pageant. I want to have a great time and hope for the best.

‘It will be nerve-wracking for sure, competing against other beautiful aspiring beauties, but I am prepared mentally and physically for this pageant.”

She said competing in a beauty pageant required more than just having a pretty face. One had to have courage and lots of physical strength, she added.

“Entering a beauty pageant requires a lot of effort. You need to ensure you are in perfect health. You need to get enough sleep, have a balanced diet and drink lots of water.

“Your mental health must also be strong because it can be an exhausting experience. Meeting a lot of people can unnerve you, so you have to have a high level of confidence.

“I am not really concerned about winning, but if I do win, it will be a bonus.

“As it is, I am already proud to represent Malaysia for a good cause,” said the Johor native, adding that her charity of choice would be organisations for the blind and underprivileged in Malaysia.

Shylenna Hope & her Husband

Shyleena said her family members were very supportive of her, especially husband Bruce Hope, who encouraged her to believe in herself.
She said her children were her inspiration, especially her two daughters, Isabelle Elena, 10, and Jade Aryane, 8.
Her twin sons, Dayan and Ai-den Gouguenheim, 19, are pursuing their studies abroad.
“My daughters are so precious; always so supportive of me.
“They even helped put on my makeup when I had shot a home video for the competition.
“They even reminded me that I am beautiful.
“That gives me loads of confidence to enter the pageant,” said Shyleena, who speaks five languages.
She even taught her daughters French.
When asked how she manages her time being a full-time mother and Mrs Asia Worldwide, which requires her to attend photoshoots and interviews, she said being organised was key.
She likes to spend her free time relaxing at home with her children, and occasionally plays tennis with them.
Her tips on staying fit? She swears by exercising to maintain her youthful looks.
“Walking and planking are a great start for beginners who are looking for a fitness routine,” she added.
She has this piece of advice for women who wish to take part in beauty pageants: believe in yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin.

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